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Drontal Cat 40 tabs   * (Sold out)
Brand : Bayer
Model : -
Price :  75.99 USD      
Code : CWT-DO-0003
Overview :
Brand : Bayer
Model : tablet
Quantity : 40 tablets
Shipping : Free economic shipping.

Drontal Cat Allwormer Tablet is a tablet for the control of all species of gastrointestinal worms in kittens and cats.
All detail :

Drontal Cat Key Benefits:

    - Given as single dose by mouth.

    - Cats should be dosed on an empty stomach.

    - One Drontal Cat Allwormer Tablet treats up to 9 lb in weight.

Directions of Use

    Weigh cats before treatment. Cats should be dosed according to bodyweight. Drontal Cat worm tablets are given as a single dose by mouth. Cats should be dosed on an empty stomach. One Drontal Cat Allwormer Tablet treats up to 9 lb in weight. Cats and kittens 4.5 lb and under should be given ? tablet, cats 4.6 - 9 lb should be given 1 tablet and cats over 9 lb should be given 1 tablet per 9 lb of bodyweight. A common regime for treatment is to worm kittens every 2 weeks from 2 weeks old until 12 weeks, monthly from 3 months until 6 months then every 3 months as an adult cat. These recommendations are of a general nature. In specific instances where infestation is particularly heavy or many cats are housed together, a veterinarian should be consulted.

Active Ingredient 

        Each tablet contains 20 mg Praziquantel and 80 mg Pyrantel Embonate.


       Do not use in kittens under 2 weeks of age. This medication should not be used in animals allergic to it.

Manufacturer : Bayer

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