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How to Clean Your Dog's Ears article

 How to Clean Your Dog's Ears




Ears is the important organ of hearing and equilibrium in vertebrates. It have the sense of hearing or receptiveness to sound. Dog have long ear canals, usually from 5-10 cms in length. They also take a right-angled bend, so foreign material and infection often goes in, but is difficult to get out. So ears require cleaning. If your dog doesn't appear to have an ear infection, it is safe to clean his ears.



  • You should clean his ears in the bathroom, a mud room.
  • The ears sensitive, so it need regular maintenance to prevent infections.
  • If you should don't do it the right way. it can damage your dog's ears.
  • You should prepare the best clean tool and put it close your hands.

The important instruments

  • Ear cleaner: It has various types so you should use only a good quality dog ear cleaner which specificall created for pets. Never put olive oil, vinegar, shampoo.
  • Hemostats and Cotton wools. Don't use Q-tips on your dog's ears, as they can push debris inside the ear canal or damage the ears. 


The 7 step of cleaning

1. Sit near his ears because you can see easily in his ears. You should inspect the general condition of his ears such as drainage of fluid from the ear, thick waxy material or scratches, scabs or wonds. If you see these signs, you shouldn't clean by yourself but should cousult the veterinatian. Besides you shouldn't to do a deep clean, should contact the vet.

2. But you can regular clean. Gently hold the flap of the ear upright and fill the ear canal with ear cleaner. Direct the tube vertically downwards.

3. Kepp a hold of the ear and move your hand down to where the ear meets the head.

4. Massage at the base of the ear for mix the ear cleaner around ear canal. You should get a squelchy noise if do correctly. After you massage about 20 seconds, stand back and let go of the ear.

5. Your dog should vigorously shake his head.

6. Grab some cotton wool and use it to wipe out the folds at the opening of the ear canal until it looks pretty clean.

7. Give  your dog a treat when finish and repeat step in other ear.


*** Credit and Thank you ***


You should clean your dog's ears regularly such as every week, every month, etc. In addition you can make a schedule of cleaning his ears, it can help you keep on top of a potential dog's ear problems

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