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How to Give Dog Eye Drops article

 How to Give Dog Eye Drops




Eye drops are medicine that you put directly in your eyes one drop at a time. It can relieve discomfort or dilate the pupils before a diagnosis.


Dog's eye drops can heal infection, ulcers heal and dry eye or some case in dog's eye. Dog's eye drops such as Tobramycin Eye Ointment, Tobrex Eye Ointment, etc.


If your dog have problem of his eye, you should take your dog to a veterinarian for diagnosis. The veterianrian will prescribe topical eye drops or ointment. In order to apply the medication properly, you'll want to prepare something and restrain your dog before you actually treat your dog's eyes.


Part 1 Preparing to Administer Eyedrops

1. Wash your hands before beginning.

You should wash your hands before apply the eye drops because you are treating an area that is sensitive to dust, grim and bacteria. In additon you can use anti-bacterial soap for absoulte protection.


2. Have the medicine ready.

You should have the necessary instrument for the treatmenat and It should clean and close to you.


3. Ask someone to help you.

If your dog will struggle, wriggle or bite between treatment, you should have helper.


4. Hold your dog securely.

If you make it by yourself, you should apply the medication when your dog struggle or squirm. If you have a halper, he can stand behind the dog or secure its hindquarters between his knees. With free hands, the helper can then stabilize your dog's head for you.


5. Consider alternative restraining techniques.

You can use the medicine or muzzle for limiting your dog's struggle or bite.


6. Gently clean your dog's eye.

You should make sure that your dog's eye area is clean. Place one hand on the side of your dog's jaw to support its head, and tilit its head upwards. Gently wipe away any discharge with a cleaned damp cotton wool ball or a cleaned tissue.




Part 2 Applying the Medication.


1. Preparing location. 

 You should talk to your dog in a happy voice and take a convenient location.


2. Position the dog's head. 

Place your dog's hindquarters against something so he can't back away from you. Your helper should hold your dog around the shoulders and chest.


3. Shake the eye drops.  

Shake the medicine well before using.


4. Open the eye drops. 

Remove the cap from the eye drops's bottle and place it on a clean surface and close to you.


5. Apply eye drops. 

Place one hand under and around your dog's chin and lift upward, so his eyes are looking towards the ceiling. Rest your other hand, holding the medication, on top of your pet's head.  Hold the bottle about one inch from the eye and squeeze the drops into the corner of the eye, taking care not touch the dropper to the eye surface. Continue to hold the head back for a moment while the drops disperse over eye surface.


6. Frequency treatment.  

Your vet will tell that how frequency for use the medicine. Some medicine will need to be apply every two hours, every day or twice a day.


7. Give your dog a treat when finish. 

You can make the positive experience to your dog by giving the reward such as the dog food and treats or the toy.


8. Close and secure the medication.


After finish the treatment, you should carefully close it and placed in a safe place and appropriate temperature. Most medicines need to be resealed after use to retain their potency.


*** Credit and Thank you ***

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