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Deafness in Cat article


 Deafness in Cat



Ear is the important organ for cat because cat can hear louder than human. Cat can hear sounds in the 48 Hz (low sounds) to 85 kHz (high sounds). Deafness refers to the inability to understand speech through hearing even when sound is amplified or cat can't hear anything. The deafness is the most problem for cat and difficult to assess because the cat can't tell you when he have trouble of hearing.

Most hearing problem are associated with aging but other causes may occur such as untreated infection, parasites, toxic ,etc.


Signs of deafness

  • Can't hear your footsteps when you come close or anything.
  • Unresponsive to every sounds.
  • Failure to respond when you called.
  • Very loud meowing
  • Very sound sleeper
  • Dizziness of confusion
  • Pus in the ear area
  • Scaly skin around the ear area


Types of Deafness 

1. Conduction Deafness

  • the cause is infection by tumor, a ruptured eardrum, blocked ear canals of fluid in the ear.
  • sound waves don't reach the nerves for hearing.
  • can be treatment by treating the primary cause.

2. Nerve Deafness



  • can be inherited in the cat with blue eyes and white skin.
  • or caused by a toxic durg or neoplasia (tumorlike growth)
  • If it caused by infection, it can treated by veterinarian

3. Deafness in older cat

  • caused by a combination of the two,nerve damage and the bones of the inner ear fusing together.
  • BAER response test is the required test.
  • can't reversible, you can help your senior cat adjust to life without sound.

Treatment for deafness

  • If the caused is infection or tumors, you should consult with you veterinarian. He will prescibe antibiotics, insecticide or chemotherapy and radiations.
  • If the caused is aging, toxic or is inherited that isn't reversible. So you should help your cat to compensate for the hearing loss that the signal from your feet moving or your lips moving.

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