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Useful Tips for Dog Eye Care article

 Useful Tips for Dog Eye Care

While several products exist to help care for the eyes of dogs, a few preventative measures can help to limit the number of necessary treatments. As a starting point, dogs require regular baths, and this includes washing the areas around the dog's eyes. While soap should never be put on a dog's eyes, a wet washcloth can be used to clean around the eye area. If a dog is a longhaired breed, its hair should be trimmed frequently to avoid getting in the eye and causing irritation. Should a dog owner not be comfortable with this task, groomers or veterinarian's offices will also perform the service. Dogs' eyes should be examined often for any signs of irritation or infection. Should there be any visible discharge, swelling, or even bumps, the dog owner should contact their veterinarian for treatment. If a dog's eyes are dry, the dryness could be caused by canine allergies, which are not unlike human ones. There are medications to alleviate these symptoms just as there are for their owners. The following products are available for purchase without a prescription from a veterinarian and work to promote canine eye health.

Many irritating eye symptoms that canines may experience can be minimized and even cured through the regular use of these helpful products.

1. Dogs Eye Wash

This sterile solution is used to wash away dirt and debris on the inside of a dog's eyes. The pet owner pours the solution directly into the dog's eye and then uses a sterile cloth or a cotton swab to wipe away any debris that might be flushed from its eye. The fewer ingredients that are in the dog eye wash, the better, so as to avoid any unintended effects such as further irritation.

2. Dogs Eye Pads

Dogs eye pads are pre-moistened pads that are used in conjunction with canine eye wash to remove any dirt and buildup around a dog's eyes as opposed to in them. These wipes can be used daily to keep the area around the dog's eyes clean and free of debris. Because they are premoistened, canine eye pads are also extremely convenient for on-the-go cleaning and are especially handy when traveling.

3. Terramycin Dogs Eye Antibiotic Ophthalmic Ointment

Dog owners (other than residents of California) can purchase this broad spectrum antibiotic ointment to treat their pet's mild eye infections without a prescription. Terramycin dog eye ointment is a recommended product to have on hand for dog owners so they can easily treat minor infections. If a more serious infection persists, dog owners should seek medical advice from their veterinarian, but for a small problem, having terramycin on hand will prove helpful.

4. Dogs Tear Stain Remover

Several breeds of dogs are prone to accumulating stains from tears, and there are several products that are available for the removal of these stains. One such solution is applied to a cotton ball or a pad and is wiped on the stained area, and then the product is removed by wiping with a clean, wet cloth. Repeated use of the product will result in the minimization and eventual removal of the stains. This product can also be used to treat any saliva stains on dogs as well. Tear stain removal products usually contain soothing ingredients such as aloe and vitamin E. 

Useful Eye Care product

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