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Mange in Dogs article

 Mange in Dogs


                Mange is a skin diseases caused by several species of parasitic mites. Most forms of mange are contagious and cause inflammation, hair loss, skin itchiness. It causes affected dogs to become itchy and suffer patchy hair loss from excessive scratching, biting and licking.


Type of Mange

     There are two types of mange, namely demodectic mange and sarcoptic mange, which have diffenrent causes and symptoms.

1. Demodectic mange

  • Demodectic, also called demodicosis or red mange. Demodectic mange appears when immune system is unable to keep mites under control because mites overpopulate. Demodectic mange is transmitted from host to host through direct contact.

2. Sarcoptic mange

  • Sarcoptic mange, also called canine scabies. This type is caused by a mite that is normally present in a dog’s skin. Sarcoptic mange is caused by canine scabies or sarcoptes. These mites are closely related to spiders. When the sarcoptes mites mate, the females burrow into dog’s skin, leave behind a trail of eggs and hatch between 3-10 days.


Signs of mange

    Signs of mange may different signs depending upon the type. The basic symptoms, including one or more of the following

  • Redness
  • Hair loss, alopecia, bald spotsSores, lesions
  • Licking, scratching at skin
  • Scabbing
  • Cracked, dry, brittle skin



1. Consult veterinarian

  • You should see veterinarian as quickly as possible especially sarcoptic mange, because the severe itching from this mange can make a dog miserable.
  • Veterinarian may diagnose via skin scrapings such as hair follicles, or a urine test. After diagnose, your veterinarian will propose the appropriate treatment options such as prescribed topical or oral medication.
  • But the case of localized demodectic mange that will resolve on its own.

2. Wash or replace the dog’s objects

  • In cases of sarcoptic mange, which is contagious, you should wash or replace the object of sick dog. Dog’s objects include collar, leash, dog’s house, brushs, toy, etc.

3. Keep other animal away form a dog with sarcoptic mange


  • Sarcoptic mange is contagious to other animals or humans. so you should keep other animal away from sick dog.


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